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  1. All Magi information needs to be added for every rank.
  2. Every released STORY chapter in Global needs to be added to the specific chapter pages.
  3. Weapons information for every different type needs added to.
  4. Characters pages need added to.
  5. Guides, tips and tricks need to be made for all players!
  6. General information need to be added to some page.
  7. Behemoths information needs to be added for all ranks. If you want to edit and add information to the behemoth pages, please try and make it look similar to a behemoth page that is already done. Tips/videos on how to defeat the behemoths can be added when the general information has been added to their respective pages.
    • SS Rank • S Rank • A Rank • B Rank • Field
      • S Rank Behemoths to do: Deserro, Magnomus, Jondargil, Giga Olgodes, Headless Destroyer, Furb Furb, Deus Machina, Girania, Chimera, Carni, Turtle, Kalulu, Zarthus, Gunki, Arma Frost, Rhinorus, Talgar, Gordmagia, Phoelix, Ulkatron
      • A Rank Behemoths to do: Igni Galidon, Igni Vaccahorn, Gaia Frogid
      • Field Behemoths to do: Reaper, Xeno Durandal, Genman, Headless Seeker, Lamenting Ogre
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